School Campus Reading Series 3 (Set of 5 Books)

9年级3班 第3季(共5册)

Series: School Campus Reading Series

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This is the third season or sub-series of the School Campus Reading Series. Each book has an independent story, and contains about 30 sentences. One sentence per page, along with fun and humor illustration to make it fun and easy to read. Mandarin audio is available by scanning the QR code on the back of the book.

This set contains 5 books:
- Chinese Teacher Likes Eight Diagrams 爱八卦的汉语老师
- The Boy Has Long Hair 长头发的男孩
- It Is Not Easy To Have a Haircut 理个发有多难
- Growing Long Beard In November 长胡子的11月
- Mysterious Corner at the School 学校里的神秘角落


The book series has 40 stories in total, divided into 8 sub-series, and 5 independent stories in each sub-series.

This book series is target for students learning Chinese as a second language. The series revolves around the fun stories among teachers and students in an International School. Each story is independent but also linked to each other. Using easy and humorous language, the story is fun to read. The story is written as narrative from the student's point of view, easy for students to understand and enjoy these stories. Great realistic fiction! Highly Recommended!



Language: Simplified Chinese
Format: Audio Online, Book Set, Paperback
Number of Pages: 30-36 pages per book
Listening: Mandarin
Author: 鲍思冶 Victor Siye Bao
Publisher: 高等教育出版社 Higher Education Press
Reading Level: 3rd, 4th, 5th
Text Type: Narrative Fiction
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Book Type: Graded Readers