My Fairy Tales with Stickers: New Year's Eve / The Adventures in the Heaven

我的贴贴童话书: 年除夕/大闹天宫

Series: My Fairy Tales with Stickers Series

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My Fairy Tales with Stickers is a series of famous Chinese and Western stories ranging from The Twelve Zodiac Animals to Beauty and the Beast. Each book contains 2 stories and is beautifully illustrated with large text and graphic symbols for easy reading. 40 stickers with Chinese characters are included so that children can fill in the blanks within the story paragraphs. A great way to learn Chinese characters while reading these great stories. 
本套丛书精选了40个经典童话故事,配上优美的文字和超大超精美的插画, 阅读本套图书,儿童可以在动手动脑中感受经典童话的魅力,获得美的教育,更可以不断获得成就感。在阅读童话的同时,还可以让儿童动手粘贴漂亮的图片,不仅可以锻炼孩子的语言和阅读能力、丰富想象力、提高手眼协调能力,还可以培养孩子的观察力,激发其创造力,给孩子的童年增添无穷的乐趣。
Language: Simplified Chinese
With Phonetic: Pinyin
Number of Pages: 40
Author: 红马童书 Hong Ma Tong Shu
Publisher: 二十一世纪出版社 21st Century Publishing House
Reading Level: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
Text Type: Narrative Fiction
Genre: Chinese Culture & History