Mind Map Picture Dictionary 02 - Family

MIND MAP圖典02-家庭與身份

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This book uses Mind Map style to help students learn these vocabulary words using pictures. This book focuses in self (physical attributes, good personalities, bad personalities, body parts), family members, home and furniture/utilities, school, extra-curricular activities, school learning subjects, etc..
我們關心孩子各方面的發展,繼用心製作《職業小百科》系列後,進一步以「腦圖」Mind Map的方式,配合大量色彩繽紛的插圖,展現適合孩子學習的各種生活概念及中英詞彙,家長與孩子親子共讀,可讓孩子掌握多方面的知識與內容!

Language: Traditional Chinese
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 48
Author: 歐陽偉豪 Wei Hao OuYang
Publisher: 明報出版社有限公司 Ming Pao Education Publications Limited
Reading Level: 1st, 2nd
Text Type: Informational Text
Genre: Education & Reference
Book Type: Dictionaries & Reference