Matt's Zinnia - Monkey


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Matt wanted to learn how to grow flowers. He worked in the sun and the rain everyday to look after his flower plants. Very soon, the zinnia bloomed. What would he do when he saw the envious eyes of his neighbour? 小猴樂樂想學外婆種花。他不管風吹日曬,每天都很努力的細心照料花苗。沒多久百日草就開花了。當他看到鄰居小朋友羨慕的目光,他會怎樣做呢?


1. 樂樂家中有些甚麼人? (3-4歲)
2. 為甚麼爸爸和樂樂要做一個稻草人? 稻草人有甚麼功用? (3-5歲)
3. 植物的生長需要甚麼?(5-8歲)
4. 為甚麼樂樂會把種子送給鄰居? (5-7歲)
5. 你有沒有很想學大人做的事(例如煮飯、拍照、化妝、開車等)? (所有年齡)


The Zodiac Picture Book Collection is a set of original fine picture books, especially suitable for young children. Each story features the animal in the Chinese zodiac system, each formulates its own engaging story. With high quality artistically hand painted pictures, attentive to details displaying many Chinese elements, these books are a perfect introduction to the Chinese traditions and culture. The books are bilingual in Chinese and English, with standard pinyin to show pronunciation. Chinese text has been especially enlarged to cater for the young eyes. Audio read-along CDs in Mandarin, Cantonese and English accompany each book.

Language: Traditional Chinese, English
With Phonetic: Pinyin
Format: Audio CD, Paperback
Number of Pages: 24
Listening: Mandarin, Cantonese, English
Author: 劉俐 Li Liu
Publisher: 思展 Sage Foundation
Reading Level: 2nd, 3rd
Text Type: Narrative Fiction
Genre: Animals, Chinese Culture & History, Literature & Fiction