Magic Box Readers Level 1 (12 books + CD) Traditional Chinese

魔術盒-第1輯 (書12册,光碟 1 片)

Series: Magic Box Readers Series - Traditional Chinese

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A great series of Leveled Readers from Greenfield. The topics are all related to the children's daily life - what they see and interested in. The Magic Box Series contains colorful illustrations by 21 illustrators from Australia, all have different styles. Great tools for children to improve their observation skills and imagination, appreciate the drawing techniques, learn and predict how the story goes through the pictures, (Whole Language Learning), enjoy reading with parents, and eventually learn all the words and be able to read of their own. There are total of 7 levels, each level contains 12 readers and 1 audio CD (Cantonese & Mandarin). The whole series will cover 720 individual Chinese characters and 1,050+ phrases. Great for elementary school level Cantonese & Mandarin immersion school students or homeschooling.



1. 故事取材自幼童熟悉的生活經驗,或感興趣的事物
2. 文字簡潔,句式重複,幼童容易掌握字詞
3. 細緻的插圖訓練幼童的觀察力、聯想力和猜測故事發展的能力



Language: Traditional Chinese
Format: Audio CD, Book Set
Listening: Mandarin, Cantonese
Publisher: 青田教育中心 Greenfield Educational Center
Reading Level: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
Genre: Education & Reference
Book Type: Graded Readers