Looking the World Upside Down: Who am I?


Series: Looking the World Upside Down Series

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Read the book from front to back and then back to front! How? First, you read from front to back - base on the hints, try to guess which animal is on the page. When you are done with the book, turn it upside down and then read from the last page back to the first page. Again, read the hints and guess what animal is on the page. Now, you will realize that on each page, depending on the orientation of the page, you can find two animals on the same drawing. Isn't that fun?

Language: Traditional Chinese, English
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 32
Publisher: 小魯文化 Tien Wei Publishing Company
Reading Level: pre-K, K, 1st
Text Type: Informational Text
Genre: Animals, Literature & Fiction