Little Elephant Loves Our Planet Series: Reuse & Recycle


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Little Elephant Love our Planet Book Series is a series of simple stories, attractive illustrations and interesting activities that raise our children's attention and awareness for caring our planet and environment. These books teach children about reusing, reducing and recycling habits to help save the planet and making it a greener place one step at a time.


小象愛地球系列 - 透過簡單的故事和有趣的活動,培育孩子愛護環境的意識,讓孩子從小養成減少浪費、廢物利用和循環再用的好習慣,幫助拯救地球。

Language: Traditional Chinese
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 23
Publisher: 新雅文化事業有限公司 Sun Ya Publications (HK) Ltd.
Text Type: Narrative Nonfiction
Genre: Literature & Fiction