Jon's Moon


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Original Language in Catalan. Translated to other languages, English, Chinese etc. With the moon's help, Jon rescues his fisherman father's spirit from an octopus at the bottom of the sea.
《强强的月亮》是卡门凡佐尔闻名世界的作品之一,在这本书中她尝试使用复杂的色彩运用技巧,使画面充满光影之美。 卡门凡佐尔是举世闻名的插画家,她的作品在世界各国如英、法、德、美、加、挪威、荷兰、丹麦、日本等地出版。她不但是许多国际插画比赛的评审,本身也得过无数奖项。
Language: Simplified Chinese
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 32
Author: 卡门凡佐尔 Carme Sole Vendrell
Publisher: 湖北美术出版社 Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House
Reading Level: 1st, 2nd
Text Type: Narrative Fiction
Genre: Literature & Fiction