Go to Bed, OK? (Traditional Chinese)


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While mommy is on a business trip, daddy and Xiao An are spending good quality time together. After they have dinner and played some games. It is getting late and time for bed. Xiao An goes to his room and is getting ready to sleep. He hears some noise and later he finds that his dad is still playing...

原來爸爸也會睡不著?熱牛奶、打電動、說故事 各種法寶全出招! 親子的角色大轉換,孩子與父親之間的互動,使得?睡不著?的議題有了新趣味和討論的空間。




Language: Traditional Chinese
With Phonetic: Zhuyin/BoPoMoFo
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 32
Author: 郝廣才 Guang Cai Hao
Publisher: 格林文化 Grimm Press
Text Type: Narrative Fiction
Genre: Growing Up & Facts of Life
Book Type: Picture Books