Everyday Chinese-English Picture Dictionary (Traditional Chinese)

中文圖解字典 (繁體版)

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Bestselling Dictionary of all time! This new edition covers 15 themes, 102 topics and 2,100 vocabularies. The book comes with 2 Interactive DVD-Roms with flash-enabled apps for interactive read-through for pronunciation. This new edition of the book also support LivePen! LivePen to be sold separately.

Paperback, Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters, Pinyin, Zhuyin and English.

This is the new version of our all time bestsellers - (Illustrated Chinese-English Dictionary New Edition).


詞典為語言學習之必備工具書,2011年推出的《中文圖解詞典 全新增修版》別於市面上的華語詞典,主要根據詞彙意義進行分類,每個單字輔以相對應之插圖來呈現。除此之外,同時列有簡體字及繁體字,簡體字附有漢語拼音、繁體字則為注音與漢語拼音並進,皆搭配上英文解釋。以圖像輔佐文字解釋,不僅有助於學習者的理解與記憶,同時也讓華語學習更加輕鬆有趣。

而在2014年 年底再度推出《中文圖解字典 點讀擴編版》,除了前述的簡繁與漢音全方位對照學習功能外,內容部分再加碼新增五個單元;在光碟部分全面升級為flash介面,圖像與文字較以往更為清晰。全書可搭配點讀筆,點圖可聽到簡體與繁體兩種真人發聲;點選「read all」則可聽到該單元所有簡體/繁體發音;點選「Culture Window」或「Additional Information」則可聽到該主題的文化專欄的內容或補充單字/資訊。點讀筆在手,行動學習真easy!

◎ 本書特色
 102項主題

 內含超過2100個詞彙

 文化專欄文章

 DVD-ROM互動學習光碟

 MP3語音朗讀
- 透過聆聽真人發聲,學習者可不斷練習各個詞彙的真實發音及語調。
- 便利學習者將語音檔案加入MP3隨身聽,在開車、搭車或健身時,隨時都可輕鬆學華語。

 點讀版本

A dictionary is necessary when learning a language. This dictionary includes picture dictionaries that teach more than 2,100 vocabulary words divided into 15 themes. It has been carefully designed to emphasize words deemed most useful in daily life by Chinese teachers, thus being an effective aid for Chinese learners. The book includes 15 themes covering 102 illustrated topics. (See Contents for details) Carefully selected everyday words and expressions. This includes buildings, daily accessories, restaurants, city life, hobbies and interests etc. The book also includes vocabulary related to the unique culture and activities of Chinese people. "Cultural Window" columns allow the learner to understand more about Chinese culture, which include night markets, cuisine, costumes, musical instruments and symbols.

Package includes book (240 pages) 11"x8.25", with 2 Interactive DVD-ROMs .

- Suitable for all age groups
- Suitable for all Chinese levels
- Suitable for self-learners
- Can be used as supplementary teaching materials for teachers
- People who like to learn new languages and people who enjoy visual-audio learning style

Language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English
With Phonetic: Pinyin, Zhuyin/BoPoMoFo
Format: DVD-Rom, Paperback
Number of Pages: 240
Listening: Mandarin, English
Author: 希伯崙 Hebron Soft Ltd
Publisher: 希伯崙股份有限公司 Hebron Soft Ltd (LiveABC)
Reading Level: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
Genre: Education & Reference
Book Type: Dictionaries & Reference