Draw from Hong Kong to the World Viewer


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The trend of adult coloring books began in 2011. Creative, stress-relieving and even "art as therapy". This book takes you to the different views of Hong Kong landmarks, such as Central, Admiralty, Sogo Department Store, Night View from the Peak, Lee Theatre (in the past), Lee Theatre Plaza (present), as well as other landmarks in the world - Times Square, Cherry Blossom in Japan etc.


Viewer 有着觀賞者的意思,你也可以足不出門,拿起畫筆達成放眼世界的願望,來享受一次寫意的藝術之旅。
Language: Traditional Chinese
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 96
Author: 蕭世順 Shi Shun Xiao
Publisher: 明報出版社有限公司 Ming Pao Education Publications Limited
Genre: Activities
Book Type: Coloring Books