Dragon Boat Festival: Not Square, Not Round

端午节:不是方的 不是圆的

Series: Chinese Festival Folktale Stories

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Fun story about Dragon Boat Festival. The mouse family lives near Xiao Juan's kitchen. Every day, there are fragrances drifting out from her kitchen. This day, the fragrance is very dense and special. The three little mice really want to know what she is cooking and hope to try it out. After a while, their parents bring back some gifts for them. Wow, it is green, not square nor round. What's that? What's special about today?
老鼠一家,就住在走道上的夹层里。走道紧挨着小娟家的厨房,每一天,厨房里都有香喷喷的味道飘过来。这天,从小娟家的厨房飘出来的香味又浓又特别,三只小老鼠馋得直流口水:“今天一定是个好日子!” 不一会儿,鼠爹鼠娘给孩子们带回了礼物,哇,是一个绿绿的、不是方的、也不是圆的东西。这是什么东西呢?今天又是什么好日子呀?
Language: Simplified Chinese
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 24
Author: 郑春华 Chun Hua Zheng
Publisher: 少年儿童出版社 Juvenile & Children's Publishing House
Reading Level: 2nd, 3rd
Text Type: Narrative Fiction
Genre: Chinese Culture & History, Holidays & Celebrations
Book Type: Picture Books