DK Eyewitness Preparatory Class For Children (20 books)


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The DK Early Readers are designed to stimulate children's interest in reading and science by featuring exquisite and colorful illustrations to complement the fascinating story - making a perfect combination. Each book improves children's reading skills by helping them seize points of interest, increase their knowledge, and develop good reading habits. This set of early stage books is ideal for those who are at the stage of learning to read, around the ages of 0-6.

《儿童目击者》是英国DK出版公司为激发孩子们的阅读兴趣而推出的一套丛书。这套丛书由众多著名阅读专家共同参与策划,其中包括曾经当过多年教师并专门从事阅读方面的师范教育专家克利夫·穆恩。他先后为孩子和教师们写过160多本书,并编写了Collins Big Cat系列丛书。


Book Title List:
Let's Make Music 让我们一起玩音乐吧!
Big Trucks 大卡车
My Day 我的一天
Monkeys 猴子
Petting Zoo 宠物动物园
In The Park 在公园里
Ponies and Horses 小马和大马
My Dressing-up Box 我的梳妆盒
On the Move 在路上
Family Holiday 家庭假日
Frogs and Toads 青蛙和蟾蜍
Nighttime Animals 夜行动物
Colourful Days 生活中的颜色
Farm Animals 我的农场朋友
Fishy Tales 鱼的故事
Garden Friends 花园里的小动物
Party Fun 欢乐的聚会
Snakes-Slither and Hiss蛇爬过来了!嘶嘶……
Meet the Dinosaurs 恐龙来了
Duck Pond Dip 池塘里的小动物

Language: Simplified Chinese
Format: Box Set, Hardcover
Number of Pages: 512
Author: DK Company
Publisher: 中国大百科全书出版社 Encyclopedia of China Publishing House
Reading Level: pre-K, K, 1st
Text Type: Informational Text
Genre: Animals
Book Type: Picture Books