Series: Gail Gibbons Series

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Gail Gibbons has published close to fifty distinguished nonfiction titles who are teachers' and children's favorite. She has also created teaching guide and provided for free from her website. These wonderful and great non-fiction tiles are translated to Simplified Chinese, great for Mandarin or Cantonese Immersion schools to use teaching the festivals, science topics throughout the year.
甜甜的爆米花,软软的煮玉米,这些东西都真好吃。玉米有白色的,黄色的,紫色的,还有很多其他颜色哦!玉米除了吃还有很多用途,玉米芯可以做燃料,玉米皮可以加工成工艺品……快翻开这本《玉米》,认识一下你不知道的玉米的世界吧! 本书由美国童书作家、教育科普类图书的领军人物盖尔吉本斯所*,属于“盖尔吉本斯少儿百科系列”丛书。本书用简洁生动的语言搭配32张彩图,给孩子们介绍了玉米的种植历史、用途、种类、生长周期、营养价值等知识,图文并茂,寓教于乐。
Language: Simplified Chinese
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 32
Author: 盖尔·吉本斯 Gail Gibbons
Publisher: 译林出版社 Yilin Press
Reading Level: 2nd, 3rd
Text Type: Narrative Nonfiction
Genre: Science
Book Type: Picture Books