Coharu Tape Check Purple

Series: Tepra Label Printer & Tape

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Delightful Coharu Masking Tape - works with Tepra and Coharu label printers.

Perfect for labeling jars, daily planner, photos; or decorative labels for gift wrapping, collage, scrapbooking, party favor labeling, birthday favor labels etc.. Or simply to use as thank-you messages, kid's name tag etc.

Simply enter your message, add any extra details, then hit 'print'. Remove the tape, peel off the backing and get decorating!!

Each tape measures 15mm (width) x 4m (length, long).

Each tape comes individually packaged in a resealable foil bag to keep them fresh and squeaky clean in between use.
Tepra tape are made of thermal paper.
Usage for display purposes is possible for approximately one year in a standard indoor environment (room temperature, normal humidity, 500 lx fluorescent lighting). However, it is not suitable for use in environments where the tape will be exposed to direct sunlight or other strong light, water, or high temperatures and/or humidity. Rubbing the printing tape with hard objects or against different surfaces will cause the paper surface, printed content, etc. to fade.

Coharu tape is not suitable for long-term display purposes. Coharu tape is made of thermal paper. Exposing it under direct sunlight or strong light sources, high temperatures and humidity environments, or rubbing it with hard objects or against different surfaces, or leaving it in contact with hand lotions or similar medicinal products may cause the printed content to fade or damage the surface of the tape.
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