Children Whole Language Reading Story Series Beginner Set (Set of 10 books, Traditional Chinese)

全語文故事低幼系列 (第一輯)﹕《我愛吃水果》(全套10册)

Series: Children Whole Language Reading Story Series Traditional Chinese

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Whole Language Reading is a great start for all toddlers to learn a language. Reading is not just to recognize each word, but to be able to comprehend and understand the meaning and theme of the whole story. This set of readers is designed to help young children learn to read. Each reader focus in one subject area, includes colorful pictures to help the reader guess what's happening and what to expect next. Encourage them to think! The text is designed to be easy to read; with repetitive words and sentence structures to help the children to learn to read easily and quickly. Set of 10 books. Traditional Chinese. Great for age 3-6.

全語文故事低幼系列 (第一輯)﹕《我愛吃水果》(全套10册)


幼兒學習語文,不僅單是識字,而是一個與生活經驗結合的整體學習過程。有全語文之父之稱的語言雪茄Kenneth Goodman曾提出, 閱讀是一個心理語言的猜測遊戲,語文學習應該是整體的,不能分割的,並且應把語文放在情景中來學習。故事就是上佳的閱讀和學習語文的材料。

1.注重生活趣味, 並從生活中學習常識
5.學習觀察圖書, 猜測故事情節

Book Titles:
我愛吃水果 I love to eat Fruits.(主題: 水果 Fruits)
天上有什麼 What Is in the Sky?(主題:天空的景象 Nature/Sky)
吃飯 Eat Meal(主題:食物 Food)
小豬和小猴 Little Pig & Little Monkey (主題: 相反概念 Opposites)
穿衣服 Wear Clothings(主題: 衣物/顏色 Clothing/Colors)
他們到哪裡去 Where are they going?(主題: 不同的地方)
遊玩 Activites(主題: 娛樂活動/家人 Activities/Family Members)
好孩子 Good Kid(主題: 禮貌 Manners)
不同的節日 Festivals(主題:節日 Festivals)
我們的身體 Our Body(主題:身體部位 Body Parts)

Language: Traditional Chinese
Format: Book Set, Paperback
Number of Pages: 120
Author: 袁妙霞 Miaoxia Yuan
Publisher: 小樹苗 Sesame Publishing Ltd
Reading Level: K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Text Type: Narrative Fiction
Genre: Education & Reference
Book Type: Graded Readers