Building Reader Treasure Box 3 (Traditional Chinese)

躍進級 寶貝盒3 (繁體中文)

Series: Basic Chinese 500 Treasure Box

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Companion Story Books to the Basic Chinese 500 Building Reader (Level 3). The 5 books of Building Reader Treasure Box uses all 100 words that are taught in the Building Reader course, and part of the words that are taught in the Beginning and Budding Readers. Children who have completed Building Reader will have accumulated 300 commonly used words. They should also have become aware that the combinations of various words can give new meanings. Meanwhile, children graduating from Building Reader are about 4-5 years old: the age at which they start to process more complex ideas and develop some mathematical concepts. As children continue to develop from this age, they have a new appetite for knowledge.

The Building Reader Treasure Box brings to children:
• New phrases from a combination of words that they have learnt
• More complex story lines with a touch of humour, elevating the joy of reading
• New knowledge gained from reading, making reading a mean and a tool to learning.

《躍進級寶貝盒 3》(繁體中文):

 《躍進級寶貝盒 3》共5冊繪本採用了躍進級課程教授的全部100個漢字,和啟蒙級、萌芽級的部份漢字。完成躍進級的小朋友,不但已累積了300個最常用的漢字,也應該開始體會到不同的漢字相互組合之後,意思會與單獨使用時的含意有所變化。同時,躍進級畢業的孩子普遍為4-5歲以上,這年紀的孩子在思維邏輯上能開始接受多環節、情節較複雜的推理,對各種數學概念也開始有所接觸。這個階段的孩子隨著各方面的心智成長,他們的求知慾有了進一步的發展需求。

• 為孩子提供漢字相互組合形成新詞彙、新語意的練習;
• 透過比較曲折和帶幽默的故事情節,自然地讓小朋友體會到更多的閱讀樂趣和意義;
• 讓孩子透過文字學習到其他知識,讓識字和閱讀慢慢從單純的了解故事內容轉成為一種學習的工具和途徑


Language: Traditional Chinese, English
With Phonetic: Pinyin
Format: Box Set
Number of Pages: 104
Author: 劉俐 Li Liu
Publisher: 思展 Sage Foundation
Reading Level: 2nd, 3rd, 4th
Text Type: Narrative Fiction
Genre: Chinese Culture & History
Book Type: Graded Readers