Be Smart Series: Daily Life (Traditional Chinese)


Series: Be Smart Series

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Be Smarter Series is a series of eight books covers different topics in each book, such as animals, plants, vegetables and fruits, geography, astronomy, daily life, insects/fish and health. This is a great non-fiction, informational text series to fit into the use in the common core curriculum.



~ 吃雪糕為什麼越吃越渴?
~ 為什麼吃水果不能代替吃蔬菜?
~ 電冰箱為什麼會「嗡嗡」響?
~ 為什麼動車組特別快?
~ 商品包裝上為什麼有黑白條紋?
~ 「福」字為什麼要倒貼?

Language: Traditional Chinese
With Phonetic: Pinyin
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 36
Author: 賴峻儒 Junru Lai
Publisher: 童藝少兒文化 Children's Culture Publication Company
Reading Level: 3rd, 4th, 5th
Text Type: Informational Text
Genre: Education & Reference
Book Type: Picture Books