Farmyard Animals


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Large, bold words accompanied by distinctive, character-filled drawings and simple rhyming verses make this series ideal for introducing young children to simple animal words. The whimsical pictures give personality to animals depicted in a variety of environments from rainforests and farms to savannahs and the polar ice caps. Children will marvel at the landscapes the animals inhabit and learn to identify various animals from around the world. The elegant and catchy verses/hymes are available in both English and Chinese. This series not only improves the language skills of children, but also their ability to recognize different animals. Originally written by Paul Hess.
由权威图书出版期刊《美国学校图书馆月刊》及《英国学校图书馆季刊》倾力推荐及点评的一套欢快有趣的动物童谣丛书。画面细腻、优雅,朗朗上口的中英文童谣不但锻炼孩子的语言能力,还让孩子们了解各种各样动物的特点。 画面细腻、语言简洁。一首首童谣朗朗上口,一幅幅图画意趣盎然。您可以一边朗读童谣给孩子听,一边教他们认识每种动物,或者你也可以结合画面场景,在晚睡前给孩子讲一个有趣的动物故事……
Language: Simplified Chinese
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 18