123 Animal Rhyme & Songs (Book with CD)


Series: Mandarin Songs & Rhymes Book with Audio CD Series

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Illustrated with beautiful and cute paintings, this book contains a collection of 40 popular Chinese nursery rhymes and songs. This is an easy to read book to your baby or toddler every day. Each page has charming colored illustrations to capture your little ones attention. The book also comes with an audio CD that sings these nursery rhymes in Mandarin Chinese.
11.1 1=2/12.1 2=3/13.1 3=4/14.1 4=5/15.1 5=6/16.1 6=7/17.1 7=8/18.1 8=9/19.1 9=10/20.1 0=1
21.10-0=10/22.10-1=9/23.10-2=8/24.10-3=7/25.10-4=6/26.10-5=5/27.10-6=4/28.10-7=3/29.10- 8=2/30.10-9=1
Language: Traditional Chinese
With Phonetic: Zhuyin/BoPoMoFo
Format: Audio CD, Hardcover
Number of Pages: 85
Listening: Mandarin
Author: 風車編輯群 Windmill Editorial Team
Publisher: 風車圖書出版有限公司 Windmill Publishing Co. Ltd
Reading Level: 1st, 2nd
Genre: Nursery Rhymes/Songs
Book Type: Picture Books