Programs for Schools

Every year, we partner with Chinese immersion preschools, elementary schools, and libraries across the US to offer Chinese book fairs to parents and educators.

We have two types -- online book fairs and consignment fairs.

Online Chinese Book Fair

  1. Each school can signup to run online book fair for a particular duration, usually 1-2 weeks.
  2. An easy-to-remember link is assigned to each school, such as  This is a dedicated "mini-store" section on our website.
  3. Using our online platform, teachers create classroom wish lists and book recommendation lists to help parents find books easier.
  4. During the fair, parents visit the mini-store and shop for books for their teachers and children with free shipping.
  5. Books will take 1-2 weeks to be shipped to the school. The book fair coordinator at your school will then distribute the books to your child.
  6. All purchases will help to earn book credits for school.
Optional: If the school chooses to show actual book samples, the school can pick and purchase a set of popular titles to show case in their library or preview sessions.

Consignment Chinese Book Fair

We also provide another option for schools that prefer book fair with physical book display and purchase on the spot.  We have a consignment program where your school selects the book titles and quantity, pay a deposit of these books, we ship them to you, along with point-of-sale equipment.  After the book fair, you ship back the remaining books to us and then we will count the inventory and then calculate your profit and send you the final invoice. 

We can also setup an online book fair on our website, so that you can run both the physical and online book fair at the same time. This makes it easier for working parents who might not be able to attend the physical book fair at the school.

Educator Discounts

We also  offer school districts, schools, library & teachers an everyday discount of 10% discount on selected products. If you are a school district, school, library or any organization promoting Multicultural or Chinese language learning and would like to purchase books, please contact us by email at We accept official purchase orders from schools or libraries.