School Campus Reading Series


This book series has 40 stories in total, divided into 8 sub-series, and 5 independent stories in each sub-series. Each book has an independent story, and contains about 30 sentences. One sentence per page, along with fun and humor illustration to make it fun and easy to read. Mandarin audio is available by scanning the QR code on the back of the book. This book series is target for students learning Chinese as a second language. The series revolves around the fun stories among teachers and students in an International School. Each story is independent but also linked to each other. Using easy and humorous language, the story is fun to read. The story is written as narrative from the student's point of view, easy for students to understand and enjoy these stories. Great realistic fiction! Highly Recommended! 鲍思冶编著的这本《青春校园汉语读物(9年级3班)》系列共包括8季40个故事,每季包括5个故事,每个故事独立成册。本系列读物的每个故事包含约30句,每句一页,采用插画和文字结合的排版方式,语言活泼幽默,情节生动有趣,画风清新简洁。 本系列是专门针对少年儿童中文教学而编写的读物系列,故事围绕在一个国际学校的中文班里学生和老师之间发生的有趣的小故事,故事与故事间既相互独立又有联系。本产品的语言活泼幽默,情节生动有趣。由于话题源于学生实际的生活,贴近该年龄段的学生的心理,易引起目标群体的共鸣。本书的叙述方式模拟该年龄段的孩子的口吻,对目标群体来说更容易理解、接受。本书的插画和文字结合的排版方式比较新颖,画风清新简洁,不仅适合中学生,也适合成人读者选用。