Magic Punctuation Marks Series


Punctuation Marks are important for Writing! This series of books uses 14 interesting and fun characters to demostrate how to use the punctuation marks properly. Besides the punctuation marks, the story also explains about the new vocabularies and what they mean, how to use them. This is a great series of book to have for all Mandarin and Cantonese Immersion students. 孩子學好作文的第一步,打好標點符號基礎‧提升孩子作文能力。《神奇標點通》共有十四個有趣又可愛的標點人物,舉例說明文中各種不同標點符號的使用狀況,及時提供解釋與延伸運用。解釋文中的生詞與生字,可更加了解故事內文,也可增加各種生詞的認識。