Kingka Chinese Series - Traditional Chinese

Kingka is a combination of Bingo, puzzle and memory game using pictographic Chinese characters as its key element for visual (spatial) perception and Right Brain Regions (math/music centers) stimulation. Based on research, this versatile toy, if used solely as a puzzle, can stimulate visual discrimination, a critical cognitive development in early childhood. This patented game is specially designed to help non-native speakers to teach or practice Chinese with their children as young as 3 years old. Native speakers will also find this game educational and simply fun! This multi-level game guarantees players of all ages will learn 54 basic Chinese words after winning the game. With these 54 basic characters, players can create numbers 1-99 and 400+ new words or phrases in Mandarin Chinese. For 1-6 players, ages 3-99. 1 audio CD to help with accurate pronunciation is included. KingKa uses pictographic Chinese characters as its base, so while a young child who recognizes basic shapes will find the game an intriguing variation on visual discrimination, matching, and memory, a group of college kids will find higher level, fast paced rules that enliven a party! What a fun way to learn some Chinese while having a great time! It is also expandable by adding other sets in the series to increase the challenge and fun, depending upon the size of the group or their fluency. You can mix KINGKA 1, KINGKA 2 and KINGKA 3 to accommodate a larger group or higher challenge for a small group. A great game for after school programs, home schooling, and family time. You can play the Bingo game in four different languages with every Kingka set.