Happy Children Growing-Up Story Collection


This is a great literature series for teens, focusing in school life stories. Each book has 6-7 short stories. Stories are written in easy to read style - lively, humorous, warm and touching styles. The content focus in their growing process, with happy and/or distressed experience; reflecting the different challenges that they will be facing, such as stress from testing/studying, friendship, urban crime, addictive to online games, unemployment or family financial difficulties, new immigrants, environmental issues etc... 這是一套陪伴兒童成長的校園生活故事集,每本書包含約6-7個短篇故事。故事筆調以輕快、幽默、溫馨、感人為主。內容主要刻畫兒童成長的心理軌跡,描寫他們成長過程中的歡樂和苦惱,也反映他們成長過程中遇到的各種困惑,例如考試壓力、朋輩關係、都市罪惡、沉迷上網/打機、家長失業、新移民狀況、環保問題等等。