Grand Auntie And Smarty Cartoon DVD Series


大嬸婆與小聰明 Grand Auntie and Smarty Series The stories take place in Happy Village, a small town in the foothills of mountainous Taiwan. Ten-year-old Smarty moved there to be with his grandmother who everyone affectionately refers to Grand Auntie. Grand Auntie is not your ordinary grandmother. She's masterful in martial arts. But it is her old-fashioned wisdom and jovial personality that win her the respect from all. Along with his new found friends, carefree Sam and tenderhearted Jenny, Smarty grows to be an informed student and responsible citizen. In addition to insightful illustrations of scientific concepts throughout the 50 episodes, the audience will also get a large dose of lessons in the history and geography of Taiwan and their cultural significance today. The story is adapted from the famous Artist Liu, Hsing Ching's comic book "Grand Auntie, Smarty". The development of the story is divided into one chapter as each episode, among which includes courage, honesty; science, astrology; nursing, ecological ethics; creativity, invention; the inspiration of interpersonal relationship and life education; these unrealistic or practical, fictional or inventive style of the story are all to probe into the nature of happiness in our hearts, hope to provide integrity for our children both mentally and physically, stimulate the enthusiasm of their future, and not to be deprived of their valuable talents and creativity. 「Grand Auntie and Smarty」not only brings kids exciting and interesting learning process, but also provides the happiness and morals of the adulthood! 「大嬸婆與小聰明」故事改編自台灣國寶級漫畫大師劉興欽老師的漫畫作品,內容充滿創意、發明及有趣的生活常識,是台灣人共同的記憶,更是台灣重要文化資產的傳承。 故事中的「快樂村」,是位於台灣山林間的一個迷人又充滿人情味的小村莊,村莊裡住了一群生性樂觀的人,有一身功夫笑口常開的「大嬸婆」; 有充滿研究精神,長大後立志要當科學家的「小聰明」;有愛幻想又愛唱歌,一心想當新聞主播的小女孩「真真」;有極度樂觀卻永遠吃不飽的「小三子」;再加上憨厚木訥的『鄉土發明大師』阿三哥。 這善良快樂的一群人,編織出一段一段有關勇氣、誠實、創意、發明有趣的故事!激發孩子們動腦創意的寶貴天賦! 「大嬸婆與小聰明」的漫畫書已經發行四十年了,是台灣很古早味的卡通漫畫書,也是台灣文化的一部分了,由於漫畫內容健康、幽默,充滿了對小朋友發明創意的啟發、探討科學的鼓勵、對自然萬物的尊重,還啟發了不少小學生立志當科學家,長大後果然成為世界知名的科學家呢。「大嬸婆與小聰明」的漫畫系列對台灣人而言可以說是印象最深的漫畫書了。