First Discovery Basic Concepts Series

透视眼系列 概念类

The First Discovery Series is a popular French children's science book series, which has been translated into 28 languages and has sold over 50 million copies. Each book combines vivid images and interactivity with fun scientific facts creating a collection that is suitable for a wide age range. Transparent plastic overlays, which the reader can flip to change the view, provide an effective tool for engaging readers and are incorporated in the storytelling. Basic Concepts Series introduces the basic concepts: numbers, season and weather, opposites, colors, shapes and time. “第一次发现丛书”让孩子用简单的方式全方位地观察事物,极大地满足了孩子的好奇心和阅读欲望。这套书里的插图是那么的逼真,所以当孩子试着用手去“抓住”这些图画时,我们并不会感到吃惊。这真是图书制作工艺和教育功用的完美结合,阅读它的感觉就像是在看一部电影!