The Loyal Homeless Dog (Comics)

淘气包马小跳 忠诚的流浪狗

Series: Authentic Chinese Pack by Famous Chinese Authors/Illustrators

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In the book ""The Loyal Stray Dog (Comic Updated Version)"": Ma Xiaotiao, Tang Fei, Zhang Da and Mao Chao always play something new. Now, they are fascinated with the coolest cross-country balance car. The four little friends make a date to take a ""test drive"", but just witness an accident: a motorcycle strikes a golden dog and flees. The four companions send the abandoned dog back home, while are considered as the perpetrators by the dog's owner. Burdened with heavy doubts and deep injustice, they bravely take responsibility for rescuing the dog......

Graphics Novel version of the stories of Ma Xiaotiao.


一套属于中国孩子的贴心成长读本,是父母和老师必读必阅的儿童内心世界的全记录! 《淘气包马小跳:忠诚的流浪狗(漫画升级版)》用漫画的形式生动呈现了以马小跳为代表的当代小学生的形象,实现了漫画与文字的完美结合,特别适合“马小跳”粉丝们及年龄段更低的孩子阅读。马小跳、唐飞、张达和毛超永远能玩得花样翻新,这会儿,他们又迷上了炫酷的越野型平衡车,四个小伙伴相约去“试驾”,却目击了一场车祸:一只金毛犬被一辆摩托车撞伤,摩托车逃跑了。四个小伙伴把遗弃在路边的狗狗送回家,狗狗的主人却认定他们是肇事者。背负着重重的质疑和深深的冤屈,马小跳他们勇敢地担负起了救治狗狗的责任……这只名叫金子的流浪狗终于恢复了健康,四个小伙伴也在悄然成长:淘气的马小跳越来越有男子汉的担当;自私自利的唐飞在奉献中收获快乐;粗犷的张达变得细心起来;小肚鸡肠的毛超也有慷慨大方的时候……,他们能否洗刷自己的冤屈?流浪狗金子命运又将如何呢?

Language: Simplified Chinese
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 212
Author: 杨红樱 Hong Ying Yang
Publisher: 安徽少年儿童出版社 Anhui Children's Publishing House
Reading Level: 2nd, 3rd, 4th
Text Type: Narrative Fiction
Genre: Graphics Novel
Book Type: Picture Books