CLIPS Supplementary Readers Series


This series provides a wealth of reading materials for elementary school students. There are six volumes in this series and each volume includes 20 books. The structure of the reading material is from easy to intermediate. The reading materials include fables, fairy tales, life stories, and historical stories. In addition to the focus on age, psychology, creativity, understanding, abilities and interests, this series also focuses on traditional culture and the cultivation of core values. Each book has several questions based on the content that will help students to better understand and respond to the material. This set of books can be used as additional reading material for students to study, and it can also be supplemental reading material for using in the classroom. Recommended Reading Level: Volume 1 - 1st & 2nd grade Volume 2 - 2st & 3nd grade Volume 3 - 3nd & 4rd grade Volume 4 - 4th & 5th grade Volume 5 - 5th & 6th grade Volume 6 - 6th grade & up Pinyin is available in volume 1 - 4 only.