Chinese Idioms Detective Series


When designing this book series, the author has selected the most frequently learned/uses Chinese Idioms for elementary and high-school students. And then, the author cleverly uses these Chinese Idioms to come up with the fun to read detective stories. In other words, the detective stories will help you to understand the meanings of these Chinese Idioms. 《成语怪探》创作理念 1.统计出小学使用频率高的成语,作为全系列四本书的架构。 2.每本书挑选该年龄段各版本教科书中常出现和一定要学会的二十个成语,作为基本素材。 3.通过全新创作的故事,让孩子自然了解成语的来源、典故及其变化的历程,使他们理解成语的真正含意与正確用法。 台湾儿童文学界三大名家