Polly & Pat - Dog


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Polly and Pat always liked to argue. One day, they went out to play. But Polly had an accident on the way. Would the sisters be able to solve the problem and go home safely? 寶寶和貝貝一天到晚總愛比高下。有一天,她們高高興興地出去玩了。可是,半路上,寶寶出了意外!兩姐妹能不能解決困難,平安回家呢?


親子閱讀小貼士 故事中的小犬是西藏的拉薩獅犬,傳統以來負責守護佛寺和廟宇。

1. 寶寶和貝貝喜歡比較甚麼?(3-4歲)
2. 她們的家是甚麼樣子的?(4-8歲)
3. 故事發生在甚麼季節?你怎麼知道?(4-7歲)
4. 寶寶和貝貝是不是好姐妹? (4-8歲,請孩子說說他們的各種意見)
5. 你能想到其他辦法幫助寶寶嗎?(5-8歲)
6. 你會不會和兄弟姐妹或朋友比高下? 比些甚麼? 誰比較優勝? (所有年齡)


The Zodiac Picture Book Collection is a set of original fine picture books, especially suitable for young children. Each story features the animal in the Chinese zodiac system, each formulates its own engaging story. With high quality artistically hand painted pictures, attentive to details displaying many Chinese elements, these books are a perfect introduction to the Chinese traditions and culture. The books are bilingual in Chinese and English, with standard pinyin to show pronunciation. Chinese text has been especially enlarged to cater for the young eyes. Audio read-along CDs in Mandarin, Cantonese and English accompany each book.

Language: Traditional Chinese, English
With Phonetic: Pinyin
Format: Audio CD, Paperback
Number of Pages: 24
Listening: Mandarin, Cantonese, English
Author: 劉俐 Li Liu
Publisher: 思展 Sage Foundation
Reading Level: 2nd, 3rd
Text Type: Narrative Fiction
Genre: Animals, Chinese Culture & History, Literature & Fiction