Basic Chinese 500 Level 2 (Traditional Chinese)

基礎漢字500: 萌芽級套裝 2 (繁體中文)

Series: Basic Chinese 500 Traditional Chinese (Level 1 - 5)

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Budding Reader builds upon the foundation of Beginning Reader and teaches another set of 100 words. The sentences are a little longer and the sentence structures are a little more sophisticated. As the children grow up, their world is becoming more enriched with friends and activities, and the Budding Reader complements these changes. There are 5 books in the set, each teaches 20 Chinese characters. The Box Set contains Books 1-5 of Beginning Reader and a parent's guide book packed in a slipcase. Audio of all the text are available as MP3 download.

《基礎漢字500: 萌芽級珍藏套裝2》(繁體中文):

Basic Chinese 500 contains 5 levels: Beginning Reader, Budding Reader, Building Reader, Confident Reader, Fluent Reader. All the course text comes with pin-yin to show pronunciation and English translation. Each Reader level teaches 100 Chinese words, staring from the most frequently used ones. The child learns to read sentences from the very start, which is the natural way for a child to learn to speak. By repeatedly reading the new words in various scenarios, the child grasp the meaning of each word and the knowledge becomes solidified. Available in Traditional & Simplified Chinese.

Book 1 of Budding Reader teaches the following words:
Book 2 of Budding Reader teaches the following words:
Book 3 teaches the following words:
Book 4 of Budding Reader teaches the following words:
Book 5 teaches the following words:

Language: Traditional Chinese
With Phonetic: Pinyin
Format: Box Set
Number of Pages: 650
Author: 劉俐 Li Liu
Publisher: 思展 Sage Foundation
Reading Level: 2nd, 3rd
Genre: Education & Reference
Book Type: Graded Readers