Tepra Lite Label Printer English Version

Series: Tepra Label Printer & Tape

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Very Easy to Use Thermal Label Printer with English instructions. Use 4 AAA alkaline batteries (sold separately).

Perfect for labeling jars, daily planner, photos; or decorative labels for gift wrapping, collage, scrapbooking, party favor labeling, birthday favor labels etc.. Or simply to use as thank-you messages, kid's name tag etc.

Simply enter your message, add any extra details, then hit 'print'. Remove the tape, peel off the backing and get decorating!!

- 4 text sizes
- 7 fonts
- 49 decorative frames
- 697 symbols and picture icons

Only "TEPRA" Lite and "coharu" tape can be used.
Note: These tape (thermal paper) is intended to use for general indoor environment (normal temperature and humidity, 500 lux under fluorescent lights), labels last about 1 year, but these labels are not suitable for locations with strong light such as direct sunlight, wet locations or environments with high temperature and humidity. Also, please understand that the tape surface and the characters written on it lose color if the labels are rubbed with a hard object.
Language: English