Seasons and Weather


Series: Curious Young Mind Series

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Children love learning about the world around them. Our Curious Young Minds series will captivate curious youngsters with a look at the science behind some of life's most intriguing subjects. In What Causes Weather and Seasons, Kate and her little brother, Jack, learn how the sun makes the planet hot, why the seasons change, why it's cold on one side of the world when it's hot on the other, and more. Kids who join them on this adventure-filled quest will learn lots of fascinating scientific facts about all different kinds of weather.




Language: Traditional Chinese
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 36
Author: Alejandro Algarra
Publisher: 新雅文化事業有限公司 Sun Ya Publications (HK) Ltd.
Reading Level: 4th, 5th
Text Type: Narrative Nonfiction
Genre: Science
Book Type: Picture Books